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April McCarron Chicago skyline and star tattoo

April sent in her tattoo and story to the CFT Inbox

Hi, I found your site and love it! I sent the URL to a friend who moved to Louisiana who is trying to design a Chicago tattoo.

I recently got my new Chicago tattoo mid march from Noodles Tattoo in Warrenville. I had my boyfriend design it for me, based on my original idea for the tattoo.

I’m originally from the suburbs and am now back in the suburbs after spending many years living in the city itself. When I was up for a few jobs as far as Seattle last year I wanted a Chicago tattoo before I possibly left so I started designing. I wanted something that would have the flag and the skyline elements in it. Yet something that was simple, feminine and one I could show off easily while doing my 5ks.

I ended up accepting a job to stay local for many reasons. So since my company allows visible tattoos and I plan to stay with them for many years I finally got back to deciding on a design and location for the tattoo yet I was able to take my time.

My tattoo is on my right ankle, it’s a heartbeat that comes out of a Chicago red star that turns into the skyline then back to a heartbeat before re-connecting to the red star. When complimented on it since March I describe the meaning as “It represents my love for Chicago and how the city is and will always be a part of me.” I’m in love with my new tattoo—it even looks great with a cocktail dress!

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