Connor Skelly

Connor Skelly

Connor sent his own interview in by email:

I’ve been looking at your website for a while and love all the tattoos I’ve seen. I’ve been waiting to get my tattoo for a while so when I finally got it I had to send it to you.

The blue lines are self-explanatory. I’ve been writing, performing, and studying music all my life and that is eventually what I want to do with my life. The “162” was my grandfather’s police badge number, who was the Captain of the Chicago Police. And of course, with my family being completely Irish, the shamrocks were just the perfect thing to balance it out. I am actually the only one in my family not born in Chicago but now that I live here and have been coming here my whole life, I feel like a Chicagoan. This city has brought me so many great experiences and definitely many more to come.

Zach Stuka did the tattoo over at Deluxe Tattoo in Irving Park. Definitely recommend him.

Connor Skelly

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