Gerardo Zavala

Gerardo Zavala Chicago flag tattoo

Gerardo’s big stars came in through the Chicago Flag Tattoos inbox.

Last July, I got the states where my parents are from in Mexico on each of my triceps. My dad is from the state of Michoacán (left tri) and mom from Nuevo Leon (right tri). It pays homage to my ancestors and never forgetting where my roots are from and the Chicago flag represents new beginnings and start to a new generation.

Chicago is where my parents met and if they hadn’t I wouldn’t be this much pride-full in Chicago. I also love our sports, architecture, food, people/culture and yes, even the weather. It still amazes me driving in from the West Side on the 290 and seeing the backdrop of our city. Never fails to amaze me. Chicago love! Chicago for life!

All tattoos were done at The Native Soul tattoo shop in Pilsen by my friend that goes by Mero.

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