Kelly - Chicago flag tattoo closeup

I spotted Kelly’s tattoo across a crowded train car and had about a stop and half to get this short interview done before her stop. She references another of her tattoos, and it would be smart if I could show you a photo of that as well, but my phone froze up, so I can’t show you the lovely skyline and music tattoo nor the Chicago sports trio (Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks) on the forearm of her companion. C’est la vie.

CFT: You have a Chicago flag tattoo. What’s your story and what’s your Chicago flag tattoo story?

Kelly: This whole sleeve is actually a bunch of Chicago stuff and music stuff. I’m from DuPage County, but I spent most of my time growing up out in the city working with bands, with Fallout Boy and Rise Against and all those guys, when they were the “local scene” back in the day. Just doing a whole bunch of Chicago stuff like that. So Kurt Halsey Frederiksen is a Chicago artist, this is one of his pieces with the skyline. I just figured the flag would tie in with it.

CFT: Do you live in the city now?

Kelly: I live in the city now. I grew up like twenty-five miles outside of the city, but I’ve been living in the city for a decade.

CFT: Where did you get it done?

Kelly: I got it done at Archer Avenue Tattoo, it’s 4440 South Archer. My tattoo artist is Dave Lobes.

CFT: Thanks!

Kelly - Chicago flag tattoo closeup

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