Yuri Borjas

Yuri Borjas Chicago Flag Tattoo

Sometimes I have to draw out people about what it is that they love about our city. Not Yuri—she hit me out of the gate with this great essay about our city:

Here is a picture of my Chicago Flag Tattoo!

Born and raised. Anyone who was born a Chicagoan knows, we have tough blood. We don’t break. My name is Yuri, I’m a 22 year old female.

You have great neighbors that stick together. You see all the local kids getting together to play kick ball in the middle of the one way street, or in the alley playing basketball ball with a net made of a milk crate.

Where the corn man comes around and all the kids taking change out of their sock.

When you’re a little older you get your bikes and race around the area cause your parents finally let you off the block. Having to be inside once the street lights came on.

Finally, you’re of drinking age. Going to all the big festivals downtown. Taste of Chicago, Blues Fest, Beer Fest, all the festival parades. Including celebrating our Chicago team winning!

Meeting up with family to go the zoo.

Going to the North Ave Beach, and meeting tons of people your age, playing football in the water, volleyball on the sand.

Bike riding down the Lake Shore Drive strip.

Crossing the street during rush hour.

Sitting in terrible traffic, cause everyone in Chicago thinks they are professional drivers. Which might be true. Hahaha

Eating Chicago stuffed pizza, or Chicago style hot dogs.

Maxing out at Jim’s Original, over by UIC.

The CTA, taking the Loop. The Orange line, meeting strange people. Knowing you’re getting closer to the city. Being able to see the sky line getting closer.

Taking the subway, and losing cell service, so you can’t help but stare at people or listen to their conversation.

Either you’re a CUBS fan or a Sox fan, you can’t be both…

And being a Bears fan, when they’re only good.

And of course we are all Hawks fans, even if you don’t like hockey, but we don’t talk about those fans…

Going to all the museums, relearning things you did when you were excited to go on a field trip back in middle school.

Going to local thrift stores and realizing, some of this stuff you want might be something you have already had and donated once.

Can’t forget about the “Willis Tower” which in my days, it was Sears Tower… but that’s none of my business. Hahahah

Oh, how could I forget… Chicago, the one place where get all four seasons in one day.

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