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I spent the last twelve years working in Streeterville, which is certainly not a wasteland or anything, but I just started a new job in the Loop and I'm running around at lunchtime, trying all the dozens of restaurants to choose from and exploring the area more than I've been able to before. Which isn't to say I was far afield--I ran into Ben Folgers about a block away from my office. He was bustling off somewhere with his manila folder of business, but I stopped him and we talked about our very similar tattoos for a minute. Typing up this short interview, I realize that I want to ask Ben how Chicago saved his life (talk about a meaty lead-in to a question). Hopefully I'll run into him again, or he'll show up here, and we can talk some more. Seeing Ben's tattoo also let me see what mine would have been like if I had done the blue bars in the proper proportions. I like Ben's, but I like mine, too.

CFT: You have nearly the same tattoo I do. Talk to me about your tattoo.

Ben: Well, I got it about a year ago up at Royal Flesh Tattoo, at the Sheridan stop of the Red Line. And I got it because I just love the city. I can honestly say that it probably saved my life living here.

CFT: Are you a life long resident?

Ben: No, I moved here from the suburbs for college. I don't like to admit, but I did. So, I guess I'm just like a transplant to Chicago.

CFT: And how long have you been in the city?

Ben: Must have been like three and a half years. But I've been coming here from the suburbs for years.

CFT: Yeah, that's amazing. Nice tattoo.

Ben: Thank you.

Ben Folgers

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