Hasani Illinois-Chicago Flag Tattoo

I took this site public just as the weather started to cool down for fall, and I figured I wasn’t going to just run across anyone’s tattoos in public until spring arrived, eleventy months away. But Caitlin and Hasani proved me wrong on that, both working in restaurants. Nookies Edgewater was pretty hopping, so I didn’t have an in-depth conversation with Hasani. I did get pictures of his sweet CTA Map tattoo (below) and his State-of-Illinois-crossed-by-the-Chicago-flag tattoo.

While I was getting my camera into movie mode to record the interview, Hasani told me that he was a life-long Chicago resident.

CFT: Why the tattoos?

Hasani: I mean, my parents are from Mexico, but they raised me here for a new future. So I fell in love with Chicago, I really did.

CFT: Where did you get them done?

Hasani: Family Tattoo on Belmont.

Hasani CTA Map Tattoo

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