Laurie Freivogel

Laurie Freivogel - Chicago Flag Tattoo

I was really happy when I saw that the DIY Trunk Show was going to be at the Broadway Armory, right in my neighborhood, both for the prospect of picking up some locally crafted Christmas presents, but also because I was pretty sure that it would be good CFT hunting grounds. I saw previous interviewee Cinnamon Cooper right away at her booth, but the rest of the craft fair proved too sweater-y to spot any of the Chicago tattoos I'm sure were lurking. At least, until 5 minutes before the close of the event when I stopped at the Kiku booth to snag a fused glass belt buckle for a present and saw Laurie Freivogel's forearm stars.

CFT: You just mentioned that you started with one, the big one.

Laurie: Because I had that one [points to a Fleur de Lis on her other arm] for Louisville and New Orleans, places we love, this [pointing back at the Chicago Star] is our home. So I'm like, yeah that matches, right? Yeah, great! and then, yeah...

CFT: Right. You gotta add the rest, the other three. Are you a native Chicagoan?

Laurie: Burbs. Northwest burbs.

CFT: Are you now in the city?

Laurie: We were in the city for a very long time. Went to school in Milwaukee, moved back to the city, couldn't find a house we could afford. So we moved to Oak Park. We're six blocks away.

CFT: Over the border. Looking at Chicago every day.

Laurie: All we have to do is turn our heads.

CFT: Where did you get the tattoos done?

Laurie: Tattoos by Serena. Serena Lander. I've known her for a dozen years and she's done 90% of my tattoos.

CFT: These were, obviously, not your first tattoos. Those are awesome, by the way.

Laurie: They're all add-ons at this point.

CFT: And how long have you had them?

Laurie: No idea. You know, I go see her every couple months; we trade. I just gave her a big batch of coasters. You know so it's like "How many hours do I have? Alright, let's, I don't know, I want a bird." So I have no idea.

Laurie Freivogel - Fleur de Lis tattoo

Laurie Freivogel

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