Karma Chicago Flag Tattoo Closeup

Winter in Chicago is long and cold, even in a normal year, let alone 2013/2014’s “polar vortex” winter. So when the sun finally does come out and it’s glorious summer for a few brief months, we all get outside as much as we can. I’m sure that’s part of why so few seem to begrudge the scores of street festivals and block parties that take over the city all summer. I ran into Karma at a Dark Matter Coffee Block Party where CFT’s Erica Reid was DJing for an all-female Beastie Boys tribute.

CFT: Tell me about your Chicago flag tattoo.

Karma: I got my Chicago flag tattoo because I’m born and raised in Chicago, obviously. I got it the design I got it in because I wanted it to look beaten, and torn, and like it’s been through some shit. Because, you know, it’s fucking Chicago, and everyone’s been through some shit in Chicago. The city itself, too. It’s just really sporadic, with the way neighborhoods are. But it’s all mashed together and I love it. I love my city, you know? That’s why I got my tattoo.

CFT: Awesome! Where did you get it done?

Karma: I got it done by a friend’s friend who does tattoos. It was just, you know. He’s really good at what he does, it was just there, and I was like, “You know what? I’m going to get my Chicago flag right now.”

CFT: Awesome! Where was it in the sequence? You have a bunch of tattoos.

Karma: I think this is the newest one, it was this winter when I got it. The polar vortex winter.

CFT: So it’s like, I survived this…

Karma: Yes. Time to get my Chicago flag tattoo. My skin tore off my face.

CFT: Okay. Awesome. Any other Chicago tattoos…?

Karma: No. I probably will get a skyline somewhere, just like an outline of it, just because it looks cool, I love it. Love the city itself.

CFT: Awesome, thanks so much!

Karma: No problem, thank you!

Karma Chicago Flag Tattoo

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