Jeff Chicago Flag Tattoo closeup

I met Jeff at the same block party as Karma. Our interview was pretty short, because Jeff was had just reached the front of a very long line for food.

CFT: So, tell me about your Chicago flag tattoo.

Jeff: I just got it because I’ve moved around a bunch. I’m originally from Rogers Park, and then I went to the suburbs, moved to Michigan for a while, came back to the suburbs, moved back down to Rogers Park. And I kind of made like a full circle, and that whole time Chicago was always like my home anyways. So, I just felt like getting it one day when I was hanging with some friends. It’s just what came to mind as something I wanted to d, because I didn’t know if I’d move again, so I wanted to remember.

CFT: So far, you haven’t moved again.

Jeff: I’ve been in Chicago since 2008 now and since I finally came back it’s been fun. If I move anywhere else, I want to be able to wear it on my sleeve all the time.

CFT: Where did you get it?

Jeff: Actually, I got it in my friend’s house.

CFT: Well, thanks so much!

Jeff: No problem, thank you.

Jeff Chicago Flag Tattoo

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