Rob Racine

Rob Racine Chicago Flag Tattoo Closeup

Rob Racine isn’t a police officer, I just happened to meet him when we were all dressing up as Walking Dead characters for a WGN Morning News segment with Michael Rooker.

CFT: So, what’s your Chicago flag tattoo story?

Rob: Ok, I guess there’s not really a big story about it. I only have three tattoos, and I’ve always said if anybody’s going to put ink on their body that it should be something important, and I think that living in Chicago has been a big staple. I think that just living in Chicago has been such a big staple in who I am as a person, so… and the reason I guess mine is a little bit different than everybody else is that I don’t want to be the same as everyone. So, yeah, I guess that’s really my story.

CFT: Are you a native? Were you born here?

Rob: Yeah, I’ve lived in Chicago my whole life, and I was in the military, and I’ve traveled a lot for almost every job I’ve ever had, and I always just find myself just feeling at most home in Chicago.

CFT: Awesome! Where’d you get it done?

Rob: I got it done right off the Belmont Red Line at Chicago Tattoo. I’ve gotten all my tattoos there.

Rob Racine Chicago Flag Tattoo

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