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For a variety of reasons, I like to do in-person interviews for this site. But Seana Higgins contacted me by email and when I found out that she was currently living in Ohio, I figured I didn’t need to stick to my own rules enough to drive over there for a 15-minute interview. Instead, Seana wrote me this great essay about her tattoo and what it means to her.

Seana: I got this tattoo as an homage to my hometown (Chicago), as well as for the purpose of remembering where I come from as I traverse the country for various career opportunities—the most recent being graduate school in Athens, Ohio.

I wanted my version of the Chicago flag to be a little different; unique, perhaps, rather than having just the flag as it is (although I’ve seen plenty of those types of tattoos, and they are totally badass). I chose an outline of the city to represent a map, then added a star as a sort of (you are here) where my neighborhood is and the beginning of the 4 stars of the flag (continued over onto my other foot).

I was born and raised in Chicago on the southwest side of the city. First, in a neighborhood called Wrightwood (81st and California) and then slightly farther south to Mt. Greenwood (108th and Kedzie). I moved away for college in central Illinois and, later, to Baton Rouge, LA for a year of school. I’m a ceramic artist, so I’ve been to Montana and Tennessee for shorter stints, as well as other cities for conferences, workshops, residency opportunities, and the like.

No matter where I go, however, Chicago is always home. Both of my parents were born and raised within the city limits; my mom spent her career as a teacher working for Chicago Public Schools, and my dad was a Chicago police officer. In other words, this city is in my veins, and it’s so very bittersweet to be leaving it (for now).

Now that I’ve moved to another state, some people have noticed and asked me about it. Usually the feedback is good, and it gives me a chance to sing the praises of my favorite city that remains the dearest to my heart. Not everyone has such a strong connection to a place, and I feel fortunate and proud to be able to brag and lovingly describe Chicago as my home.

It was very sweet that, when I got the tattoo, as a sort of present to myself for (finally) getting into grad school, I posted an image to Facebook. In the comment section, my mom posted (somewhat jokingly) “Way to go Sean. Now your feet will always know the way home.” That brought me to tears, as it does now. I’m happy to think of the cherished place and, more importantly, the people waiting for me whenever I have a chance to return.

Seana Higgins

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