Tim Schoen

Tim Schoen's Chicago flag tattoo

Tim was just trying to enjoy a beer and the New Yorker at Hopleaf when I came over to talk to him about his tattoo. And then he recognized me from when we had both worked on a Lavender Cabaret burlesque show at the late Lakeshore Theater—he up in the tech booth and I on stage. Look, I started this site partly to talk to strangers, but can I help it if I knowhalf of everyone in Chicago? Tim is now the production manager at Mayne Stage and I’m doing whatever this is. Also, I swear he has all four stars, I just got distracted by talking about old times and forgot to ask Tim to push his sleeve all the way up. If you know what I mean.

CFT: What’s your Chicago flag tattoo story?

Tim: It was my ten-year Chicago anniversary present to myself. And actually I was also a guinea pig. A really, really dear friend of mine was just starting to tattoo. I was her second human—herself and then she did me. You can probably see some imperfections in it, and the line work isn’t all perfect, but that’s kind of what I enjoy about it.

CFT: There’s something there about life being a work in progress. So you’re not a Chicago native. Suburbs or from far away?

Tim: Cleveland. Transplant when I was eighteen. And then I’ve been here since.

CFT: Was ten years a marker of Chicago is now your home, or just a marker?

Tim: It was just kind of a marker. Ten years is a long time, well for me.

CFT: Well sure, at twenty-eight, ten years is a third of your life. And how long ago was that?

Tim: I’m thirty-two now. Four years ago, give or take.

CFT: And you’re pretty ensconced in Chicago.

Tim: Yeah. It’s really let me do what I do, if that makes sense. I work in production and I’m a lighting designer and in Cleveland I wouldn’t have been able to do that to the extent that I’ve been able to here. I owe a lot to the city and a lot to the people here.

CFT: When people see it, do they know what it is?

Tim: When they see the star, they know. Chicago people know. Outside of Chicago, they don’t really know. And I’m also really heavily into vexillology and really, really like flags. So that’s another part that ties in.

CFT: I think that’s the first time I’ve heard someone say “vexillology” aloud. That’s impressive. What are some of your favorite flags?

Tim: I really enjoy the Chicago flag. Maryland also has a really cool flag. I also like Cleveland’s—well, Cleveland’s is so-so. Ohio’s is really cool, because it’s the only pennant-shaped one. But I really took a liking to the Chicago one.

Tim Schoen

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