Steve Chicago Tattoo

Steve sent in a photo of his arm right after the line work was done and was kind enough to update us when the color was finished with both updated photos and why he wanted a Chicago flag tattoo.

Steve: I got the tattoo as a tribute to growing up around Chicago, and then teaching for Chicago Public Schools. I’m in the National Guard and my unit is located at the Jones Armory at 52nd and Cottage Grove. I wanted to always be able to take a bit of home with me no matter where I went, and as such put in architectural elements that I love. The buildings represented are all unique and represent something about the City to me, the flag is there, as is the municipal device and the lights from the 1893 World’s Fair. On my other arm I have Sue from the Field Museum which is just another way to bring memories of home with me on my wanderings.

Steve Chicago Tattoo Linework

Steve Sue the TRex Tattoo

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