I saw the back of Kaylee’s leg at a bus stop near my work and she was kind enough to talk to a stranger with an odd question.

CFT: So that’s the logo for Reggie’s Rock Club and it gets you a discount on drinks there and you were saying before I started recording that maybe you were drunk when you got it.

Kaylee: Maybe. Yeah, we have a bunch of different logos and, one of our logos is the Reggie’s R in place of the Chicago stars.

CFT: When you picked it out, did you think, “Yes! Chicago!” or was it just like, “Free, nearly free booze”?

Kaylee: Free booze.

CFT: Are you a Chicago native?

Kaylee: No, I’m from Milwaukee, but I’ve been here for I think 8 years. Also, we all have it, like a big Reggie’s family, we all have them.

CFT: Okay. Awesome.

Kaylee: A couple other people have the flag too, but not exactly like mine. Other people have just like black flag, like a Chicago flag that’s black, with Reggie’s R’s in it, or other people have just the star and their R.

CFT: Okay. I’ll have to stop by and interview everybody.

Kaylee: Yeah. Good to meet you!

CFT: Good to meet you! Thanks so much for not being afraid of a stranger stopping you at a bus stop.

Kaylee: It’s because I’m from the Midwest.


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