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Thomas P Chicago flag tattoo

Thomas comes to us from the Chicago Flag Tattoos inbox.

CFT: What’s the story behind your tattoo?

Thomas: While I was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina free out of Basic training for the US Army, I wanted something that I missed more then anything. Home. There is no better symbol for Chicago than our flag. The amount of background from the blue strips to every star, there is so much history and pride in it.

CFT: Whats so special about Chicago to you that you’d want to get this tattoo?

Thomas: Chicago has always been my home town, I was born there. I moved when I was younger to the suburbs and let’s just say I never adjusted. I did move back into the city when I was 18, and it opened my eyes to everything. So many different people together, I love the culture. Never a dull moment.

CFT: Are you a chicago native?

Thomas: Hell yeah, I am a Chicago native!

CFT: where did you get your tattoo done?

Thomas: Since I was on leave from Basic Training, I had my tattoo done in Myrtle Beach, SC since I did have a couple days to kill until I had to start up again. Long story short, I got it done at Elite Ink Tattoos, Myrtle Beach, SC.

CFT: When people see you tattoo, do they know what it is?

Thomas: I would say in Chicago, yes everyone! But while I was in Las Vegas some people said it looked like the flag of Israel.

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