Trish Ward

Trish Ward Chicago flag tattoo

From the Chicago Flag Tattoo inbox comes Trish Ward and her tattoo:

Trish: A friend told me about your web site and I was delighted to see it! I am a life-long Chicago woman, born and raised here. I am 49 years old and work as a critical care nurse. On my last birthday I got this tattoo. I gave careful thought to what I wanted, as this is my first one. But I knew it had to be Chicago themed. To me the flag was perfect: simple, recognizable, beautiful. I know these flag tattoos are not rare, ( Your web site proves that!) but I feel what makes mine truly my own was the phrase I added: “My home my heart”. I love my hometown so much and I truly never feel settled unless I’m here where I belong!

I got this around the corner in my hood, Uptown, at the Tattoo Factory.

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