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Welcome, New Readers

So… my day job got a little busy… about a year ago… and so it’s been awhile since I’ve posted any new interviews and photos here. But a couple of news stories on DNAinfo and Chicagoist about a Chicago flag print that Nick Colella at Great Lakes Tattoo is selling have renewed some interest in the site. If nothing else, the Twitter account has a bunch of new followers. I’d hate to disappoint new readers, so I’m going back through some email submissions to them posted, and might even try and schedule an in-person interview (which was always my main focus for the site).

In any case, welcome! There are 66 interviews posted on the site already, so there’s plenty to read and look at enjoy. And if you have a Chicago tattoo and a story you think we should feature here, drop me a line—it’ll probably only take ame a year or so to get back to you.

Getting Back to It

It’s spring in Chicago finally, sorta, for a few days there. But it means that the heavy coats are coming off and people are walking around with short sleeves and shorts every time the temperature creeps above 60° or so. Which means that I’m seeing Chicago flag tattoos everywhere again. I’ve got some interviews in the can from the last time it was warm that I’ve yet to post, and before a new day job ate up all my time. Work has calmed down and I did a new (albeit short) interview this week, so let’s get to posting, yes?

I’ll start off with a link to a story from a few months ago over at DNAinfo Chicago with a headline that lays it all out: This NCAA Tournament Player Has a Huge Chicago Flag Tattooed on His Back.


I've started a Twitter account for this site: @chicagotats - like this site itself, it's going to be pretty low-traffic, just a little announcement whenever we have a new interview.

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