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Alaina Chicago Flag Tattoo

Alaina sent her tattoo in via the CFT email and I asked her the core question of the site: what is it about Chicago that made her want to get this tattoo?

Alaina: I guess that question is better answered as why I love Chicago so much that I was willing to permanently scar my body with its symbol :) And it’s because it’s the greatest city in the world. I grew up in the western suburbs (Wheaton) but moved to the city 17 years ago… I like to tell people 2 more years and I will officially be able to say I’m “from” Chicago as I’ll have lived downtown longer than the burbs!

The people make it great. We’re the salt of the earth who also have class. We’re kind to strangers, intelligent because of our world renowned education options (U of C, Northwestern), we’re humble, tough (anyone who endures the winters we do has to be tough), and just downright authentic. And this city is GORGEOUS. We have a lake that, for all intents and purposes, is an ocean, our streets are clean, our skyline is breathtaking… there’s so little not to love about this city, other than the weather. But I think it’s because of the weather we have to endure that makes us awe struck by the springs, summers and the short autumns we get. It doesn’t matter how lazy a Chicagoan may be, once the weather is nice, we’ll be outside soaking up every second of it.

It’s my home and always will be… even if I move away.

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Hi you stars are perfect...where did you get your tattoo done?

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